Build better guest engagement


A personalized treatment at all stages of the guest's stay.

New Sales Channel/

Increase direct sales without commission

Increase guest engagement/

Provide guests the most convenient channels to communicate

Hotel services/

Guests can rapidly access hotel services 24/7

Internal staff messaging/

Allow your staff members to message each other individually or as a team

/Artificial intelligence

Automate processes with virtual assistant based on chat

/Increase up-selling

Reach all guests suggesting what they want at the right time

/Global guest profile

Know better your customers to personalise their stays

/Track guest sentiment

In a world run by reviews, use sentiment tracking to proactively address any guest concerns.

Why Us

Everything hotels need to deliver on modern guest expectations.

New sales channel

Increase your direct non-commissionable web business.

Increase guests loyalty

Boost satisfaction by giving guests the experience they want. Happy guests give positive feedback, which creates brand advocates; the modern manifestation of loyalty.

Hotel services

Guests rapidly access hotel services as: reception, maintenance, restaurant, bar, spa, airport transfers, etc.

Artificial Intelligence based chat

Virtual assistants with automation of processes.

Available 24/7

Guests can rapidly access all the hotel services 24/7 with minimal staff commitment.

We text and message with those who we are close with.
So, seems like a natural evolution for hotels and guests to want to communicate in this way… the way we are most comfortable with.


The positive impact of Guestbind on your hotel can be seen on three different key business criteria: reputation, demand and revenue.

Positive Impact on Reputation

Quality service; giving guests exactly what they want, when they want it - optimizes your reputation.

Increase in Demand

Improving your online scores improves overall demand and average daily rate. In a reviewdriven world this means everything.

Increase in Revenue

Improving demand and delivering intuitive experiences boosts adjusted RevPAR, pointing to stellar performance levels at your hotel.

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